Sex, Relationships, Death, Global Warming, Racism: Vocal’s fiction and non-fiction creators tackle them all. If you like to stop, think and consider things a little differently, join host Erica Wagner as she introduces a new Vocal creator’s story each week.

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Everyone has a Yellow Coat

Everyone has a Yellow Coat

People aren’t always what you expect; it’s wise to pause before rushing to judgment. After a reading of “Everyone has a Yellow Coat,” host Erica Wagner talks with author Flora Weston about how asking a simple question about an ugly coat actually changed her life.

My Single Friend

My Single Friend

How do you keep that 'first date' feeling alive after 12 years of marriage? What happens when you start to yearn for your single days? In the inaugural episode of Write Here, Write Now, host Erica Wagner sits down with Caitlin Fladager, TikToker extraordinaire, passionate advocate for mental health — and a wife and mother. They cover everything from first date to first child to how her family is today.

Hosted by Erica Wagner

Erica Wagner is the Lead Editorial Innovator at Creatd, Vocal's parent company. She is an author, a critic and a broadcaster. Her most recent book is Chief Engineer: Washington Roebling, The Man Who Built The Brooklyn Bridge; her new book, Mary and Mr Eliot: A Sort-of Love Story, is published in the autumn of 2022. She loves to read, write, cook and fly.

Erica Wagner

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